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Why "B.A.D.minton"?

"Minton" is a very healthy sport and we love the game. It's fast, it's thrilling, it can be played with lots of fun, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. It's also nice to meet up with fellow minded people that like the game and want to advance in it. Hanging out together after the game adds even more fun to it.

And since playing makes hungry, we usually have dinner after the game... in a rotating choice of restaurants!

The Club

B.A.D.minton Club Zürich was founded ~2004 by a group of friends from all over the world. Friends brought friends, so the group grew and flourished. Suddenly we needed fixed courts and scheduled events... and we were lucky enough that one of our members knew a lot about web design to build up a self registration, self service website! The club's activities include regular game play as well as tournaments, parties, get togethers and other activities. And we're still very international - just count the flags!


Currently, all our club membership slots are full (we only have 5 courts for our events, which is why we limited the amount of members). However, we always have some fluctuation in the club due to people leaving, sabbaticals and other reasons. So if you want to apply for club membership, use our registration form. You can also register for a guest play with us according to the booking rules (see below). If you want to know a bit more about the individual members, just check their profile pages with a click on the member icon.

Although the club right now is limited to 22 members, we are very open for new players. In fact, if you like badminton as a game (singles or doubles), you are welcome to join in as a guest. And we will invite regular guest player to become members - see below for more information.

We have certain expectation towards new members:

  • You want to play regularly.
    We provide a wide array of different players, some of them advanced, some beginner's level. As a club, we care for both sides of the range. To make the games fun and exiting, we mix our players all the time, which reguires that they are available regularly. We expect you to join us at least six times in 3 months (or, if you prefer, every second event).
  • You have already played badminton before.
    This means, you have at least some basic knowledge of the game. Since we only have limited time per week to play, we can not offer beginner's lessons. You will be mixed up with medium and advanced amateur players. However, we all tstill remember very well how we were when we started playing the game and thus do not "pout" about newbies. we do try to improve our skills constantly and we also include training sessions in our play.
  • You want to join for more than 1/2 year.
    Well, given the above, it's clear that we need players to be available over a longer time period. If you are here just on a vacation and like to play, you can do so by registering as a guest. However, as a member you should be available for longer time.

Note: we are not an officially registered club (yet). This means, we are outside of the official roster for badminton clubs (see "Swiss Badminton").

Club Fee

For guests, we charge CHF 18.- per player per event (90 minutes play). This is payable right at each event. Feather shuttles are included and will be provided by the club. Please bring your own racket (there is a possibility to borrow a racket at the schumacher sport center, but they are not very good).

For contract members, we charge an annual share of the court rental costs (52 events per year). This is calcualted according to the number of contractors we have for the season and is payable by bill. Ask us for more information.

Club Event

We have a regular club event on Friday evening from 7:30 to 9:00 pm in Stettbach @ the Schumacher Sport Center. You can reach the center easily by either Tram No. 7 or S-Bahn 9 or 14 to Bahnhof Stettbach and a 3 minutes walk (see map below). Look up time schedule on the SBB website.


Booking and Cancellation

Booking your participation in our club is conveniently done through this website. Once you've logged in (you'll get a login name and password from us), you will see a booking link. Simply check "I will join" and click on "Submit".

If you are new to the club, please contact us via email and we'll book you for the next event, if there is a place available.

Now here comes the catch:

  • Registered guests (those with an icon and login) and other guests ("visitors") can only register AFTER the deadline of Wednesday, 12:00 am. This means, registration for them is blocked until this deadline! Usually, there is a rush on our free event slots around this time, so if you want to join in - be sure to book early!
  • Contract members can register for every event anytime until the event is fully booked. You can book even in advance for all event given in the calendar for a full year!
  • If you are a contract member and want to bring a guest, please register him/her by logging in as "visitor". don't forget to put in the guest's name!

Note: If you have registered and can not come to an event, please make sure to unregister as soon as possible via the "Booking" link. This will allow other members to book in for the event. We often are fully booked and are maintaining an additional waiting list (please contact lily if you want to be put on it for an event) and if you don't unregister and don't show up, other interested players won't get to play and your fellow members will be pissed! ;-)

After playing, we usually organize late dinner in a restaurant nearby. Of course, having dinner with us is not "mandatory", but belongs to our club life... as stated before, we're a bunch of friends and like it that way. We're very easy going people and share the fun of playing as much as the fun of drinking and dining - so consider the event as a combined fat burning/restoring activity! ;-)

For more information, please contact